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We at OLD DELHI PLASTIC INDUSTRIES have been manufacturing Pencil Boxes and Pouches. We have also been Dealing with other stationery items since 1985. The firm was started by my father Mr. Manoj Gangwani under the brand name “M.K Traders” with the office at Azad Market, Old Delhi, and Factory at Chameleon Road, Near Filmistan Cinema, Old Delhi – 06.

Now we manufacture and supply in whole various products like Pencil Boxes, Pencil Pouches & Pencil Bags under the brand name of “HI-FRIENDS”. We have 3 Factories and 1 Distribution Centre in Delhi.

Other items that we trade in and manufacture are CLIP BOARDS, EXAM BOARDS, SHARPENERS, ERASERS & OTHER STATIONERY.


Wholesale order form

Enter only if order Value is more than 4000 and you are ready to make the payment.

Delivery mode

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  1. 3000/- Rs minimum order value for Wholesale

  2. Shipping charges for weight below 10 kg = 250/- rs for weight from 10 kg – 25 kg – 450 Rs.

  3. Extra 50 rs. shipping for far off and North – eastern states.

  4. COD charges Rs. 150/- payable directly to Courier.

  5. Courier Delivery Dependent upon PIN CODE.

  6. We will send from best possible Courier for Delivery, but no guarantee of ODPI after goods leave our premises.

  7. For Orders above 25 kg – DELIVERY ONLY VIA TRANSPORT.

Wholesale Orders - Terms & Conditions :
Terms For Order Delivery 
  1. All orders above 25kg sent via Transport.

  2. NO COD in Transport.

  3. Flat 150/- Rs. Rickshaw charges in Transport.

  4. No Charges for Packing or Tat Patti.

  5. Courier Charges -  Less than 10 kg - 250/- | 10-25 KG - 450/- rs.| Far off states and north east states - 50 or 100 extra as informed by courier. COD charges -flat 150/- payable to courier company.

Payments & Discounts
  1. 50% Advance and balance, when goods are packed for dispatch.

  2. Order Above 10,000/- 5% Discount.

  3. Order Above 15,000/- 7% Discount.

  4. Discount only on full Shipping Payment.

  5. All Rates include half GST bill.

Plastic Pencil Box Catalouge

  1. We manufacturer these pencil boxes in our factory in New Delhi.

  2. You can see the picture on the right and the price to place the order.

  3. We cater to wholesale businesses who want to buy pencil boxes wholesale from all locations in India.

  4. Some of the cities and states where wholesalers are already buying pencil boxes are.:

    1. Madhya Pradesh

    2. Odisha

    3. Telangana

    4. Hyderabad

    5. Sikkim

    6. Manipur

    7. Uttar Pradesh

    8. Andhra Pradesh

    9. Arunachal Pradesh

    10. Bihar

    11. & many more states and Cities.

Drawing / Poster Book Catalog - For Wholesale Only

  1. We manufacturer these Drawing / Poster books in our factory in New Delhi.

  2. These drawing books are in poster kind of loose sheets.

  3. There is a total of 8 sheets with 16 characters in a drawing book and each sheet has a both-sided printed area for coloring.

  4. The SET comes with one additional sticker sheet. The additional sheet has 2 Name slips also.

  5. We cater to wholesale businesses & Stationery retailers who want to buy drawing books / Poster books wholesale from all locations in India.

  6. We have 4 designs in Drawing books.

    1. Chota Bheem Drawing Book

    2. Ben 10 Drawing Book

    3. Doraemon Drawing Book

    4. Barbie Drawing Book.

  7. Some of the cities and states where wholesalers are already buying pencil boxes are.:

    1. Guwahati

    2. Ludhiana

    3. Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

    4. Jaipur, Rajasthan

    5. Mumbai, Maharashtra

    6. Manipur

    7. Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu

    8. Andhra Pradesh

    9. Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

    10. Madurai, Tamil Nadu

    11. & many more states and Cities.

Poster Drawing Book Wholesale Rates.:

        Name    -                                         -  List Price    - 

  1. Ben 10 Poster Book                    -  Rs. 10/-

  2. Barbie Poster Book                    -   Rs 10/-

  3. Doremon Poster Book                -  Rs. 10/-

  4. Chotta Bheem Poster book        - Rs. 10/-

  5. Cello oil Pastel                           - Rs. 32/-


Rs. 20/-

Rs. 20/-

Rs 20/-

Rs 20/-

Rs 45/-

Pencil Pouch / Bag Catalog From Manufacturer

  1. We are manufacturers and importers of Pencil Pouch and Pencil Bag.

  2. We manufacture these pouches under the brand name “HI-Friends”.

  3. The Wholesale rate of our pouches are from Rs. 10 to Rs. 120 and they can be sold from Rs. 20 to Rs. 250.

  4. We have complete range of these pouches.

  5. We also manufacture transparent Pencil Pouches.

  6. These pouches are used to Store and organize your day to Day items like: Stationery, Cosmetics, Collectibles, Money.

  7. I personally use these pouches with while I am going out to keep my phone, Keys and small change that I may carry.

  8. Average packing of these pouches are from 6 pcs to 24 Pcs.

  9. We cater to wholesale businesses & Stationery retailers who want to buy Pencil Pouches and Bags in wholesale.

  10. Below you can find price list of our Pouches.

  11. Some of the cities and states where wholesalers have recently bought pouches from us are.:

    1. Karnal, Haryana.

    2. Rajkot, Gujrat.

    3. Dehradun, Uttrakhand.

    4. Bhilwara Rajasthan.

    5. Berhampur, Odisha.

    6. Salem, Tamil Nadu

    7. Kochi, Kerela.

    8. Bellary, Karnataka.

    9. Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

    10. Akola, Maharashtra.

    11. & many more states and Cities.