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As a business partner or an affiliate with, you can earn good commissions just by Marketing our products.

As a Marketing Partner, you are entitled to the following benefits.

  1. Earn incentives on all the sales by any referred by you.
  2. Even If the referred does not buy today, you will get incentives on future purchases (till 180 days).
  3. Full Fledged Back-end portal access to manage your marketing business, see your referrals and commissions earned.
  4. Option to earn Lifetime commissions on all your references, so work once and earn for life.
  5. Earn Incentives on new partner refereed by you.
  6. Each Partner can introduce their Friends as partner and earn incentive on their income as well.
  7. We grow , you grow – with increasing sales, your percentage of incentive also increases.
  8. Very wide Market, it is a  country of 1.3 billion people with 80% of them actively working or studying so you are looking at a market of 1.04 billion or 104,00,00,000 people for stationery and office Supplies.

work from home

Ready > Steady > Start > Earn

Promoting a Single Product

  1. Go to any product that you would like to promote.
  2. On the top left Click get Referrer link.
  3. Here you see a link of the product with a  ref code. The reference code mentioned here is 2 ,
    Your Url Would have your reference code.
  4. Now wherever you want to promote this product, either on Facebook or via Whatsapp just share this link.
  5. If you are promoting via an image or text or a writeup just link that item with this reference code.

Other Incentive - Member Introduction.

2020 – 2021 has been a tough year, people have been locked in home and have been looking for work that can be done from home. or at their own time. People known to you must also be looking for some work. By why should your effort of helping someone should go waste.

  1. A Partner member can also Earn by Referring a New Partner Member
  2. Lets say I introduces B to come work for, Lets see  how this helps I
    1. A earns base commission for each referrer that come through him.
    2. A will also earn 20% of all Commission that his introduced Partner B earns, eg if B receives incentive of 1000/- rs, I gets 200 rs. extra, no amount is deducted from B.
    3. Lets assume, B is also doing well and introduces C as a business partner and C earns a incentive of 1000/- rs., Now
    4. B the introducer of C will earn 20% of 1000/- that is 200 rs. and
    5. I the introducer of B will also get 5% of C’s 1000/- that is  50/- rs.
    6. If I Introduce B, BB and BBB and they all introduce 3 members , that means I have 3 members and 9 sub-members below me.
    7. Lets say all of us do business worth 1000/- rs in 1 month.
    8. My total income for the month would be, My – 1000/- , My members 20/- i.e 200+200+200 and my sub members – 50+50+50, so my total income is = 1750.

Special Promotion Offers.!!

  • Each month launches some offers to promote its new product among customers.
  • On each of these product or product categories, you get special incentive rates for those group of products.
  • e.g in June 2021, there was a special incentive to promote Covid Essential Items and get 7% payout and Rs. 200 bonus on achieving total sales worth 5000/-

Managing your business

Login to your Business Portal account by Signing in from Below. On singing in you see the following on your dashboard.

  1.  First box shows total number of people that clicked on your link/promotion and made a Transaction.
  2. Incentives of No.# of transaction paid to you.
  3. Your current amount in Wallet, that can be withdrawn.
  4. Total amount that you have withdrawn from wallet.

Checking your Earnings.

By clicking on the Referrals Link you see details of all your referrals for the selected time period and their corresponding details.

  1.  Click on the 4th link in top bar called REFERRALS.
  2. Here you see name of each person that was referred by your marketing efforts and what time he visited the site.
  3. In this coloum you see your share of incentive based on the product added to the cart by your referral.
  4. Here you see the exact date and time that you referral completed the transaction.
  5. The last status coloum changes from approved to refused and back approved on the basis of weather payment was made by your referral or not.
  6. Incentives of No.# of transaction paid to you.
  7. Your current amount in Wallet, that can be withdrawn.
  8. Total amount that you have withdrawn from wallet.

Benefits To Joining the Affiliate Program

1- 120 days cookie – The duration of the cookie is set to 120 days. This means, if a user comes to our website via an affiliate link and purchases something within 120 days, the affiliate who referred the user will receive a commission for it.

2- Label according commission – Our commission rate is not fixed. We have set affiliate commission in 3 category according to label. These are 3 labels.
(1) Learning Curve – This rank means, you are under a learning curve. You are learning, basic marketing skill and putting some effort in digital marketing. The commission rate is fixed 5%. How could you improve your label ? Very simple, just earn commission of 500 rs and refer 1 person if the achievement conditions are met than you will promote for Starter label.
(2) Starter – This is the basic Rank in our partner programme, we encourage every partner to remain in this Rank atleast, here you receive fixed 7% commission of all the sales and 2% lifetime commission. On earning a total incentive of 5000 rs or referring 10 sales partner you can move to next label.

(3) Premium – These are our permanent partners and they receive highest commission of 9% and lifetime commissions of 2.5% on sale.
So as affiliate will perform, we will promote their rank and their commission rate. So they have great opportunity to create their label with new achievements and make income large.

3- Team Commission – Another great opportunity for affiliate, we offer membership system. Affiliate can associate team. If referred user signed up and earn commission than affiliate get a fixed commission on referred user’s commission.

4- Lifetime Commission – We offer an additional lifetime income to affiliate. Affiliate will get 2% commission for lifetime.

5- Wallet Facility – We are provide wallet facility. Affiliate can manage commission in wallet and bank. And if affiliate do personal shopping through our website so can make payment through wallet.

6- 200 rs. withdrawal holding – There are no restriction in withdrawal even if you earn 200 rs you can withdrawal.

7 – Commission on cart value – When you send someone to through your affiliate link and customer buy products than affiliate get commission on cart value not products.

Register Below and Start Earning..!!

Join our affiliate program and earn commission on each successful sale you refer or new customer signup. Apply today and start earning!

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