We at OLD DELHI PLASTIC INDUSTRIES have been manufacturing Pencil Box and Pouches & Dealing in other stationery items since 1985. The firm was started by my father Mr. Manoj Gangwani under the brand name “M.K Traders” with office at Azad Market, Old Delhi and Factory at Chameleon Road, Near Filmistan Cinema, Old Delhi – 06.

Now we manufacture and supply in whole various products like Pencil Box, Pencil Pouches & Pencil Bags under the brand name of  “HI-FRIENDS”.  We have 3 Factories and 1 Distribution Center in Delhi.

Other items that we trade in and manufacture are CLIP BOARDS, EXAM BOARDS, SHARPENERS, ERASERS & OTHER STATIONERY ITEMS.


Mini Range of Plastic Pencil Box

These are basic Mini Pencil box with 1 sticker on top. All these products are made from mix of Second Plastic & Fresh Plastic Granules.

These product is made in 4 colors: Pink orange, yellow, green.

The size 7 x 2.5 inch. It has just single lid and made from SEMI Plastic.

The Wholesale Rate is 90/- rs per dozen or 7.5/- rs per piece Inclusive of GST . These Pencil Box can be sold in Retail easily for 15-20 rs.

We have 4 models in Mini Pencil Box :

  1. Mini 1 Plastic Pencil Box
  2. Mini 2 Plastic Pencil Box
  3. Mini 3 Plastic Pencil Box
  4. Mini ABCD Plastic Pencil Box
  5. Mini 5 Pencil Box
  6. Pencil Shape Pencil box

Game Pencil Box

These are our varieties of Game Pencil box. All theses pencil boxes have 1 round game in center on TOP lid.

First is diamond game Pencil box with 1 sticker inside the game and diamond pattern at top.

These product is made in 4 transparent colors .

Second is Bat shaped pencil box, with the game in front side where you hit the ball.

Third is Hi-Choice, its made in Solid opaque colors and the size of game is bigger than previous two.

Fourth is Super puzzle, its the biggest in size compared to all other pencil boxes. Best this about super puzzle pencil box is that not only the game size is very very big but each dozen has 5 different varieties of games in it.

Lastly is our new design in Puzzle box, its a pencil shaped game geometry box. It is the most good looking design in our category and also has the highest sales.

Like Super puzzle it also has 5 different varieties of puzzle per dozen.

These pencil boxes are directly available from Manufacturer in India at Wholesale Rates including GST.

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