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Hi.. I am Renu.

I love to do painting and colouring who doesn’t. Painting is the expression of ideas and emotions.

Keeping your mind and body sharp is important throughout our entire lives, but it becomes even more important as you age. While staying physically fit is important for your health. Finding a creative outlet keeps your mind strong while also expanding your horizons.

Painting is a hobby that sharpens your mind and delivers numerous health benefits.


There are many benefits of painting for children including sensory development, colour learning, fine motor development, exercising creativity, being able to express emotions and building self esteem.


Painting is also a great activity to help teach concepts like shapes and letters in a fun and engaging way. Children love to paint if we allow them the opportunity. Colours have always been a fascination for kids, which unlock their door of happiness and bring out that little artist.

What skills does art develop ?

Making art is an enjoyable activity that helps develop a wide range of skills such as creativity, problem solving, self-awareness, confidence, patience, communication, and perseverance.

Because the act of creating a piece of art is a form of expressing our feelings, emotions, and thoughts, it can help us become more self-aware and improve emotional intelligence. Art develops creativity by encouraging us to think outside the box and observe the world from different perspectives.

It develops problem-solving skills, as creating a piece of art often requires the artist to figure out how to achieve their goal — for instance, learning how to draw the shape of a human face or move the body to complete a piece of dance choreography. Working to grow and develop your art skills through an online course on Udemy or an in-person art class can help build confidence.


Does art help with child development ? 


Creating art is very helpful to child development. Because the activity of making art engages the mind, body, and emotions, it can support a child’s development in all of these areas. Making a piece of art challenges a child to ask questions, study the world around them, and imagine new solutions.

Art provides an outlet for children to express their feelings, ideas, and personality, which can help them develop confidence and self-awareness. It can help children communicate complex or deep ideas that they don’t have the words for. Art also fosters patience and work ethic, as improving artistic skills takes hours of practice.

Even making a single piece of art can take a long time, which helps children develop focus, improve perseverance, and experience the satisfaction of accomplishing a project over time.

C'mon Start your Colorful journey with me now..!!




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