Pharma Co. Launch – pens

Pharma Co. Launch – pens

mbush Pharma or Skyline Nutrition (P) Ltd. is a world-class Veterinary Products,  Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter from India. Its range of Veterinary Products is inclusive of Veterinary Medicines, Veterinary Nutritional Supplement and Veterinary Feed Supplement.


They were just launching there brand in 2014 and they wanted to promote there brand as much as possible amongst there customers in haryana and farming regions of North India.

They contacted us through a reference of our previous clients. They were looking for some handy items to be distributed as free gifts or corporate gifts whatever you may call it. We suggested them that they go for Promotional pens as a cheaper option for corporate gift.

These promotional items or pens with printing,  , were of excellent use to them in launching there brand. they used to give these promotional pen to their marketing team, who used to give it to every potential customer that they met.

As a plastic pen is something that every one needs these plastic pens with printing were distributed quickly and everyone kept with them.

So whenever the potential customer used to use this pens it used to remind him of Ambush Pharma and its products.

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