Goggles Face Shield


Goggles Face Shield


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  • Transparent Glasses Face Shield
  • PVC Material
  • Face shield with removable glasses frame
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Smart Design
  • Anti Fog
  • Reusable
  • Unisex
  • One Size Fits All – Adjustable elastic

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Why you should buy a Face shield..??

Benifits of a Face shield.:

  1. Transparency – Glasses Face Shield are Transparent & Reusable. They offer Full Face Protective Visor with Eye & Mouth Protection for Women and Men. The face shield was protectively covered by two thin films on both sides on the outside surface and interior surface, please peel the layers before use, so that you could get a clear 100% Transparent face shield, if you do not peel the film, then you will not get a clear shield. on peeling the layer you will get to know the difference in calrity of a Plastic film & a PET film.
  2. HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: Glasses made of durable Acrylic which are resuable and PET protective sheet materials comes with comfort fit glasses type look that can fit over most eyeglasses. The PET sheet has a anti-fog and anti-static coating treatment, these are extremly clear face shields and have double-sided anti-fog effect.
  3. FULL FACE SHIELD: Reusable Safety Face Shields have a Large prtection area from the forehead to below the chin to protect against foreign bodeis from reaching your face. Full Facial Protection is neccsseary to protect you from droplets, saliva, splash, oil and dust.
  4. LIGHTWEIGHT & COMFORTABLE: Essentials to be a good face shield is that, it should be Transparent, lightweight, comfortable, breathable and ideal for long time wearing. You get all these feature in this shield.
  5. SMART DESIGN: The raised design on the nasal bridge part holds shield away from the face, allowing room for thin frame glasses. So the shield never touches your face and is very comfortable.
  6. ANTI-FOG: This Clear face shield is made with super transparent PET PVC (polyvinyl chloride) that provides maximum visibility and prevents fog from covering your sight. It is a very Durable and practical product.
  7. ONE SIZE FITS ALL: The size of Glasses is universal so it fits all and it is suitable for men and women.
  8. REUSABLE: The visor can be easily cleaned with water but wiping with alcohol disinfection is recommended. DO NOT USE PAPER FOR CLEANING AS IT WIL LEAVE SCRATCHES.
  9. DAILY USE– Use this face shield throughout the day, go to market wering this, use at home, carry at work or in your car.
  10. USE WITH GLASSES : Do you waar glasses, then this product is made for you only, The Glasses of this face shield have space inside for you eye Glasses as well. So wear this to your office and show off your style and work as well.
  11. LONG USE.:  These glasses face shield are made with long term usage in mind. They are so lightweight that you can use them throught the day and still dont feel the weight.
  12. BREATHABLE: Best part of using a face shield is that they are very breathable, unlike face mask that stick to your nose, in which you are not able to breathe. But not with this Face shield, you can do physically heavy work and breathe very comfortably.
  13. EASE OF SOCIALISING:  Do you ever get confused as to what the other person is talking when they are wearing a cotton mask, because you can lip read them. Not with this face shield make your every word crisp and clear so that there is no difficulty in having conversations.
  14. STYLISH: That Blue surgical mask look ugly dont they and what about cotton masks, you have to match them with your clothes, but what about these Transparent masks your face is their color. your face is the most stylish thing, dont hid it.
  15. ANTI-FOG: Do your glasses fog up reducing the visibility ..?? Not with this shield, they have a anti-fog coatings on both sides.

How to use.:

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    August 15, 2021
    `Top quality Product.. Good Transperency..

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