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Promotional Stationery items for Air force

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

The Order was Completed on 31st March 2021.

Delivery Location : Kalikunda, West Bengal.

Order Details :

  • 4000 Dual Side open Pencil Boxes @ 35/- rs each.

  • 4000 Clip Boards @ 40/- Rs.

  • Rates Including Branding & Delivery upto City Hub (Self - pick up)

  • 75% Advance &

  • Lead Time - 20 days From Date of Advance or Design Approval.

We are happy to share with you that we have completed our first order of Air Force, Kalaikunda. A few days ago, we got a call from one of Air force Sqn Leader and he asked for school stationery for donate to poor children.

We recommended him some school stationery such as Notebook, Colors, Pencil Box, Lunch Box, School Bag, Coloring Book & Exam Clip Board and shared our products catalogue with him and gave our website link to check the given stationery items which can be used as branding merchandise.

After 2 hours he called back, said that I checked your products on website, you have nice collection in reasonable range but I am confused because I wants to purchase in bulk and want to give a social message through these items and have a limited budget. Kindly suggest some items so that my both purpose could be fulfill. After discussion, We recommended him 2 items. One item was Exam Clip Board and second item was Double Door Pencil Box because both items were in his budget and have enough surface area to write/print some slogans on it and both items was very useful for children needs. He liked our suggestion and gave your acceptance to go ahead with these items.

After finalize the products, now we started doing work

on these items. We had only 7 days in which we had to prepare and dispatch the product at Kalaikun

da and order was in bulk , 4000 pcs of Exam Clip Board and Double Door Pencil Box. Time was short because it was a customized order and we had to done every thing from starting to end such as MDF board cutting, clips fitting, sheets printing, UV printing, Foiling, Lamination, Digital printing, Prepare Pencil boxes, Pasting, Packing etc.

There was only one thought in our mind, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” We decided, yes we can. Some times this types of t

houghts motivate you, help you to focus and work smarter and also reduce the stress and pressure.

Our work was in progress and we were doing with full energy and efficiency. They had limited budget so we decided that we will paste digital sticker on both sided of pencil box and it will be good in cost saving and convey their message.

Finally products was ready to dispatch at Kalaikunda. Consignment reached at your destination hub and received by buyer. Next day we got a call from buyer that I have received stuff. Your products and customer service are amazing. You understood my needs and provided me such a amazing products in my budget with good qu

ality what I wanted and in my unit everybody liked your products.

To got positive reviews by customers to feels you happy and motivate you towards your hard work.

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