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New Transparent Face shields and masks launched on

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Website launched its New Product range of “Transparent face masks & Shield”. This New Product Created a lot of sensation and was widely covered by news media outlets and blogging sites.

Below you can find.:

  • The Actual Press release for new Product range.

  • Press Release document Covering the face mask and shield.

  • A screenshots of the Coverage of the event in various news websites.



A New Range of Face shields launched to substitute Face masks. People have started going out. They have started to dress up , Look good, set their hair and at end they encounter a problem?? What’s the use of this when I have to put a Blue mask that will mess up my personality. People go out to shops and markets and they take down their masks or have to talk in a high volume. why.?? because they realize that the other person will not understand what they are saying. Then comes the realization that a lot of communication in pre-Covid era was via Lip – reading and masks bought an end to that. Every time people wonder if these masks were Transparent, it would be so convenient. To Solve this problem.: under the guidance of its Founder Mr. Rohit Gangwani have launched a range of Transparent face shield & Transparent Face Mask. Some Clear cut Advantages of a Transparent Masks are.

  • Extra protection: What parts does the Face mask protect only the Nose and the Mouth (that to if properly applied). WHO has repeatedly informed that Corona Virus can also enter the body through other openings like EYES. Face shield covers your face from forehead to bottom of the chin.

  • Breathable : It does become frustrating to put a restrictive cloth-type thing on your face when the weather is muggy and humid like it is mostly in Tropical countries in India. But wearing a face mask is still crucial when you’re doing any activity like running, going to market, Travelling or on a Vacation or working, where social distancing may be difficult. Everyone feels lack of energy due to less oxygen intake. Yes Oxygen intake does get reduced while using a mask because you keep on breathing the same stale air. In comparison face shield offers all these benefits of Virus protection in a more breathable way.

  • Face Touching: People do have bad habits, one of the most common bad habit is face touching, people keep on setting their hair, then with the same oily hands they would touch their face causing acne. Everything we touch from car keys to carry bags to the railings and is instantized and we can understand that it is impossible to keep your hands clean 24×7, but we can protect our face by using a face shield. What Face shield essentially does is make your face unaccesable to your hand, whenever you would want to touch your face, you would have to take out your face shield. A face shield can also act as a constant reminder for an individual to not touch their face, eyes and hair. This will prevent any bacteria or water droplets on your hands from reaching your face and contaminating it.

In words of the Founder Mr. Rohit Gangwani “Shields are the way to go, people have accepted that they are going to live with COVID for longer. Now they are looking for products that will help them adjust to this reality. As Offices are reopening and people have started to go out to restaurants, they are looking for product that will make their work and leisure lives more convenient and at the same time safe. ” have launched Face shields in the 3 Categories.:

  • Googles face shield.: This is the everyday use face shield. It comes in a shape of Googles and can be easily worn to work as it allows for your specs to be worn alongside with it.

  • Kids Face Shield.: This is their top selling product, we all know how difficult it is for parents to convince kids to not take off their masks, but if kids are having fun and they consider it as a Toy, they wont take it off.

  • Transparent Mouth Face mask.: This is especially for ladies, who are fed up of their mask messing up their lipstick. This Transparent Face mask ensure complete protection and at the same time doesn’t touch their lips, so it’s a Ladies Favorite.

There is also a blog on the website PENSANDMORE.IN about the differences between Face masks & Face shields.




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