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March, 21 - Coverage of at News sites

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

In March 2021, was Covered by many News & E-commerce focussed websites to cover how Mr. Rohit Gangangwani is trying to Digitize the traditional Stationery Business model

Summary of all the posts.:

Traditional ways of business limit your growth, and it is hard to expand easily but if we use the internet properly we can use its power and make our services and products available to each internet user. In 2021, e-retail sales are expected to grow up to $4.8 trillion. Observing the wide scope and easy accessibility of the internet Rohit Gangwani created “” under the brand name “Hi-Friends”. is India’s only direct to consumer brand in the stationery & bags segment. Rohit Gangwani’s company connects the seller directly to their customers and eliminates any middle man. Rohit sensed that there is no one in the stationary market directly providing products to the customers and used this opportunity to expand his traditional business and digitalized it and made the brand available to people across the nation. works under the brand name of Hi-Friends, and they aim to become the top retailer for all the School Stationery & Office Products. The company has its own manufacturing unit and additional warehousing space for storage. They manufacture their own Pencil boxes, Pouches Bags, Notebooks & Other Fancy School Stationery, and office staff…… Click on Relevant Images for full Articles

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