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If you have managed to reach here, then the hook in the subject line worked, the addition of hook is a very important aspect of email marketing to increase the open rate.

First thing first; why should a modern Ecommerce company which sells, educates and works online should receive resumes that are not online. Why Should one apply in the old format of preparing resumes on word and then converting them to pdf and sending them via email, when all the work that has to be done is to be done via Hyper text transmission protocol.

So here is the most relevant resume in your inbox, made on HTTPs (not in .pdfs or .docs) on a live ecommerce site, editing is done by editing CSS and not by using space-bar or tabs in a word file. here you can experience the quality of work first hand.

The Positions we are Talking About :

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About Me .:

I am ROHIT GANGWANI, Founder of the E-commerce Platform on which you are viewing this Application w.r.t Job Openings at your business

Job opening that have caught my attention are :

  • Amazon Sales Manager &
  • Affiliate Manager

Intention of Creating a application on the Web instead of the normal Word applications converted to Pdfs are .:

  • Showcase the Relevant Skills applicable to position so as to save our time.
  • Difference in the skill-sets and aptitude between a Founder of a Web based Business and a General Graduate applying for this job amongst many jobs.
  • To Express my seriousness in applying as this Application is made specifically for the Positions at Click and Grow and will not be usable after its seen by you.




I Started PENSANDMORE.IN , in August – 2019 with my co-founder Ms. Renu Chaudhari who is now my wife.

PENSANDMORE.IN is a Direct to Consumer Brand like CLICK AND GROW.

The Products you see on the Right are Designed and Manufactured by us and we used to sell them initially on AMAZON, FLIPKART, SNAPDEAL and other ecommerce multi vendor marketplaces and later on we Setup our on webiste to complete the loop of Direct to Consumer by also removing the third Party Marketplace. is based on Wordress platform in combination with Woocommerce, which is a little more technical than clickandgrows Shopify Platform.

I and my Co-Founder Ms. Renu Handled all Aspects related to this Business ranging from.:

  1. Setting up of Website , The Technical Aspects and User interface Both.
  2. Handling all Graphic and Visual Requirements like editing of pictures and creating of Logos.
  3. Listing of products on website and other Marketplace Like Aamazon, Flipkart Etc.
  4. Preparing and Dispatching Orders
  5. Handling Customer Querries
  6. Managing Marketing and SEO both on site and off site.
  7. Most importantly Designing and Manufacturing these beautiful products.
  8. & a lot lot lot more..

Why Drifting away from

The Target Audience for my products were School children.
Till 2019 end we had Devloped all our Physical products and got them Manufactured in Bulk including Packaging.

We were planning to go all out on marketing and Influencer marketing At the Start of BACK TO SCHOOL season of India, which was in March – April 2020, that’s when the most strictest lockdown occurred in INDIA due to COVID.

Schools were shut and have Shut since then, because we wanted to Focus on Quality and Exclusiveness of our products we had all the stock ready in Warehouse and we couldn’t sell them.

Our Capital Got Stuck there and Cost of Renting the Warehouse pushed us into losses specially as there were Negligible sales.

The Cashflow problems persist to the day as schools are still closed and we hold close to 15,000 Euro worth of stock in hand. This cash flow issues forced us to let some staff go and business started going south.

On Right you can see our Revenues in ZOHO as 976,000 INR or 11050 Euro, Note: From first date of the Accounts to Closing of Balance sheet, India was in Lockdown, Schools were Closed for the Complete period.

Considering that and being the First Year, this was an impressive Figure compared to Indian Market (Selling about 20,000 units) but sadly not enough for Scale of products we manufacture and hold in our stocks And the Committed Fixed Costs we have.

About Click and Grow

On a Casual Visit to the CLICKANDGROW.COM site it can be seen that it is a website build on Shopify Platform.
Mr. Mattias Lepp via Clickandgrow is probably creating a segment of its own; Home-Gardening, With negligible Competition.
With its U.S.P being the Smart soil which is inspired by NASA’s effort to grow food in Space.

I personally Connect to this Home-Gardening Theme a lot, it gives independence to Individuals by removing their dependence on the Super Market Chains.

I Grow Aloe-Vera, Basil and Curry Leaves at home for Self Cosnumption.

Also I noted that you have a decent Community also going with Your Facebook group having more than 12k members and Instagram having more than 85k followers.

How I came Across Click and Grow

As Mentioned Because of 16-17 month + lockdown, Sales of my Website suffered tremendously.

The Financial analyst in me always wanted to Diversify Location wise and my preferred 2nd location for sales was Europe. On doing some Research I came across ESTONIA and its very supportive policies for Business and Startups.

Plus I found that Tallin and Tartu had the best ecosystem for Startups such that it was being referred to as the Silicon Valley of Europe.

These and plus more research and watching more videos on Youtube, I had convinced myself that i would liquidate some of my inventory and use the funds to get e-residency or maybe try to move to Estonia.

It was on the official Estonia Site that I found these Openings where the Job Description was exactly the stuff that I and my wife have done/are doing currently. Plus the social cause of Growing our own food and removing the dependency on Supermarket Chains.
Plus the Chance to Experience the Estonian Startup culture First hand made me and my wife Renu Chaudhari convinced that this is the only job we will be applying

What media says about us...!!

December 2020

March 2021

June 2021

Our Experiece for above Poistions :

Position 1 : Amazon Sales Manager.:

W.R.T showing my experience for the profile of amazon sales manager, On the right you can see the Listings I had created on Various Marketplaces.:

Following are items that need to be taken care of for increasing sales on Amazon Marketplace.:

  • Amazon Keyword optimization
  • Product Title Optimization
  • Product image Optimization
  • Back-end Keywords
  • Pricing Strategy – Competition analysis
  • Product page user Experience.
  • Engaging Copy Writing.
  • Getting More Reviews and rating from Customers.
  • Brand Page Experience
  • Regular updating reports and keeping and eye on Click to sales ratio.

Our Listings on marketplaces.

Position 2 : Affiliate Manager

We managed Affiliates on our website using the plugin affiliate manager pro. We used to give 7-10% incentive on sales and right now we only hired Instagram influencers as affiliates.

We used to send them our products for free and in return they would shoot a video with the link to the product with the Reference code.

As a Affiliate and Influencer manager, the key strategies and tasks that need to be taken care of are :

  1. Reaching out to these partners and establishing relationship with them.
  2. Convincing them that there is as much in it for them as much is there for us in the partnership.
  3. Taking care of all issues with partners.
  4. Offering them free product or incentives on sales to keep them motivated.
  5. Maintaining and managing all date related to Partnerships.
  6. Keeping in mind that measurement of output has to be more on the qualitative side than quantitative side.

Our Instagram page.:


This template does not exist!

Our Work with influencers & affiliates

Other Information & Experience that should be on our Resume.

Work & Education Experience

Sep - 2019

Brand : Hi-friends

Brand : Hi-friends

Founded the brand Hi-friends to manufacture Stationery and bags to be sold on

Designed and manufactured products from scratch under this brand name, We owned our Inventory, warehouse and raw material.

July - 2019


Founded to sell stationery online to offices and school children

Feb - 2019

India : Marriage

India : Marriage

Came back to India in Mid-term and get married, Plan was to go back to New Zealand in 6 months time and get employment there, but sadly at end of 2019 COVID Stuck and i could never go back, 6 months hence my Visa expired with no chance of getting renewed (as i couldn’t go back in time limit of 12 months to get a job or conitnue further with masters education or Ph.d) ,

Nov - 2018

Sensodyne : Best Brand Promoter in NZ

Sensodyne : Best Brand Promoter in NZ

For the month of November 2018 achieved the distinction of being the Best Brand Promoter for Sensodyne Brand for the Complete New Zealand Region(out of a total 40+ Brand Promoters).

Also did brand promotion for other Brands like Hutchison Cheese, Roast Vegetable Spices, Vodafone Mobile etc..

June - 2018

Auckland : Masters in Professional Accounting.

Auckland : Masters in Professional Accounting.

Went to Auckland, New Zealand to Study Masters in Professional Accounting. It was a professional Course i.e only students with previous Graduate Degree and minimum of 3 Years Of Professional Experience can get Enrolled.

On Completion Students have the opportunity to directly enter senior management roles in Finance and Accounting.

Feb - 2018

MBA - Complete

MBA - Complete

FEB - 2016

Brazil : Mondelez On site

Brazil : Mondelez On site

Mondelez Brazil Invited a team of 10 Higg performers from India to sort out some Accounting and financing issues at their Head office in Curitiba, Brazil.

Total Project Duration 9 weeks.

Nov - 2015

Genpact : Assistant Manager : Finance

Genpact : Assistant Manager : Finance

Started Employment with Genpact (A Nasdaq listed subsidary of General Electric) as an Assistant Manager – Finance & Accounting, with direct reporting to Vive-President Finance.

The Position was for their onshore client in Brazil, Mondelez International (Holding company of brands like Oreo, Cadbury, Clorets, Halls, Lacta, Milka, Tang, Trident… etc.)

June - 1987


Born in New Delhi, India to a Business Family on 8th June 1987, that makes me 34 years old.

Other Relevant Skills

  • On page SEO via Meta Title and Meta Description.
  • Image SEO via Image Alt description.
  • Keyword research / Keyword Difficulty.
  • Backlinks from high DA sites.
  • Keyword ranking & tracking.
  • Blog/Content Writing.
  • Mobile Seo
  • Pages speed & AMP compatible Content.
  • Schema Implementation
  1. Instagram Account management.
  2. Maintaining Engagement by having genuine conversations with followers.
  3. Cross-Tagging to extend reach.
  4. Posting at Regular times and on a regular routine to influence instagram algorithm.
  5. Using maximum possible but relevant hash-tags.
  6. Leveraging Long format videos via youtube.
  7. Build a community via Facebook groups.
  8. Using influencers and affiliates to expand reach.
  9. and many more ways

Tools we use for Video & Image Editing.:

  1. Corel draw
  2. Corel photo-paint
  3. Photoshop
  4. There are tons of high feature apps on app store and android, all have near about similar tools, if you know one, you know all.
  5. We use 2-3 paid versions of these apps alongside coreldraw for our Editing needs.
  1. Setting up Google analytics Property to track keywords & Visitors.
  2. Deep Visitors analysis by drilling down locations & Referrals.
  3. Adjusting SEO and marketing using the reporting and analysis.
  4. Keyword and competitor Tracking via SEMRUSH and other tools.

Our Favourite Marketing Videos.:

Messege from the Candidate.

Hey There at Click and Grow,

If you have reached so far at the bottom I hope I was able to keep you engaged and impress you via my work of creating a resume on a live website.

There would be obviously a lot of things that we might have missed and a lot of errors that we might have made but please ignore them, we also have other business to manage and we in a process of moving our home. Here are some important things that should be brought to your attention.

  • I Rohit Gangwani & My co-founder Renu Gangwani are both available for hire together as a team and separately as well.
  • We both are available for hire as remote or in-office workers.
  • This is the only job we intend to apply for the time being, as you can see this resume is only made for clickandgrow and cant be used again.
  • We are open to moving to Estonia temporarily, for medium term and for long term.
  • We both are good English speakers and writers, all our education from Elementary Schooling to post Graduation has been in English Medium.
  • I already have experience of working in International teams, My experience involves work with teams in New york, Curitiba, Brazil, Auckland ,New Zealand and Dubai.
  • I have experience of sourcing from China and have already sourced from YIWU, NINGBO, SHENZEN in china.

Contact us and let us know how do you feel about us.: